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  • What Services do Patient Advocates offer and When do you need a Patient advocate?

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    What Services do Patient Advocates offer? Generally speaking, each practice will be a little different but we will assist in all aspects of health care, including appointment setting, doctor visits, billing concerns, insurance, interpreting the language of medicine, transportation, and understanding treatment regimes. These services may also expand as the needs of our client expand.

    Why? Through this professional coordination, we help get the best and most efficient medical care for our clients.
    How? Providing comprehensive understanding and support through a network of resources. We have a ‘tool box’ if I might, of contacts, resources, experiences to obtain the best end result during medical care with one focus, you the client.

    When do you need a Patient Advocate? When you can’t fully understand the language of your healthcare concern and are experiencing stress and worry. Let me give an example: I have seen in my career some cancer patients taking taxis to chemo treatment and then home. During those treatments many items are being discussed and requested of the patient. At this time in your life you are just trying to get through the next course of treatment. You may be going through questions requiring thoughtful actions/responses that could influence future outcomes. You may not be healthy or sharp enough considering the situation to perform. It would be nice to have an advocate with you to help in the decision-making process.

    We are also employed by family living out of state. We offer support for the patient when you can’t be present.

    There are times when we hear over and over, “I didn’t know those services were available”. A Patient advocate has knowledge and access to many services someone that is just entering the health care maze may not be aware are available.

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