• Your Trusted Patient Advocate

  • Covid 19 Patient Assistance

    Your Trusted Patient Advocate’s goal is to improve health literacy for clients encountering Covid 19 through – RESPECT Rapport Empathy Support Partnership Explanations Cultural responsiveness Trust Please contact us if you or a family member would need this assistance.


    8 Rules to Become a Smarter Patient

    According to a Wall Street Journal article by Laura Landro there are 8 rules to become a smarter patient. Do your homework- there is a lot of misinformation on the web. I have heard it described as the cesspool of …


    What is a Patient Advocate?

    Two types: Hospital, doctor office, or clinic. These are representing the institution paying them. They help with coordinating activities and understanding instructions with their employers in mind. Private Patient Advocates (PPA). This is what Your Trusted Patient Advocate provides. These …