• Your Trusted Patient Advocate

  • About Us

    What we do

    We will help the patient and family navigate the complex medical system using our skills and resources to get the medical service that they expect and deserve.

    Your Trusted Patient Advocate will help you understand treatment options to ensure a higher likelihood of success.

    If you need help or support for your parent or loved one, please contact us to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. We can better answer your questions and help you better understand how we can help.

    We would love to discuss your individual situation!

    Our Mission

    Use our skills and resources to help clients and families get the medical service they expect and deserve.

    Our Business

    Your Trusted Patient Advocate will offer a fee for service approach to family members, friends, and clients themselves that are having a difficult time negotiating the health care environment. We will assist in all aspects of health care service including, but not limited to appointment setting, doctor visits, medication management, etc. Our goal to get the best individual medical care for our customers available in the quickest and easiest mode available by walking through the health care system maze.

    Our Clients

    Any patient/family member/ neighbor feeling the medical service experienced either now or in the past has created a health care dilemma that warrants another person’s assistance. Our Advocacy team will contract with our customers and coordinate care until the goal is reached as determined by our client.


    Bill Normile

    Bill grew up in Missouri and moved to Colorado over 30 years ago. He is married and has 3 grown children. During his 30+ years in the medical profession, representing the industry, Bill has realized there is a serious disconnect in quality health care delivery for the average patient. The medical community has become so technical, there is not enough time to fully explain medical issues and many staff don’t understand the complexities. Unless you have a knowledgeable support person/advocate by your side you can be at a loss.

    This realization prompted Bill to start a patient advocacy business to handle this disconnect. Our mobile society creates some additional challenges as well. Our kids have moved away, and as we get older we find ourselves without a family member to help during a medical event. Many times Bill has seen that a physician will say the “cancer” word or other disease, and the patient shuts down and doesn’t hear anything else beyond that. The “beyond that” conversation is critical. That is why people hire a Patient Advocate.

    The problem is the general public is not aware that private patient advocates are even available. We feel it’s time to bring awareness for those that need this service.

    Bill has experience working the fields of oncology, allergy, urology, dermatology, pulmonology, ortho, pediatrics, Cardiovascular, neuro, and others.

    Bill’s strength as a patient advocate lies in his understanding of medicine from the patient’s perspective. Many times, during his career he has had to help with patient assistance for medicines, laboratory services, billing, access, and hospitals.

    The goal for our service to limit the road blocks and misunderstanding in medicine our patients would not have without our help.